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Ellen was known as the town "Mom," since she was the only switchboard operator in Scotia. These days she likes to spend some of her spare time writing about her life experiences, which she hopes to publish as a book one day. "My room here is my "office." Sometimes I just close the door and sit here and write. They have to tell me it's time for lunch."
Ellen working on her book
Everett tending his tomatoes
Everett hails from Shelton, Washington where as a retired Simpson foreman spent much of his time gardening. Since his arrival at our home he's taken to growing his own tomatoes in barrels. "Last year I had 4 pots and supplied the house with tomatoes. Everyone brought brown bags and I'd fill 'em up!"

Eva moved up here to be near her son and his family. Between their visits she likes to spend time with “Angel”, her cockatiel. Since animals are so special to her, Eva loves it when her family brings their yellow Lab over for a visit and lets her romp around the big back yard.

Eva and her bird

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